J DOUGLAS PULVER, CEO, President, OPS, Chairman

Mr. Pulver is an entrepreneur, investor and business advisor to public companies who has also assisted and created over thirty public companies. He has assisted numerous companies acquire and / or merge with other companies that have high yield profiles, as well as assist “joint ventures” and other projects to raise capital and be successful. He has funded many companies and has the sources and experience to accomplish any need in the markets today. He served as the marketing director in consumer and professional divisions for 14 years with the Eastman Kodak Company, where he oversaw Quality Control in Manufacturing, Procurement and Purchasing for scientists and engineers. He has been educated with eight years of higher education in New York State and Florida at M.C.C, R.I.T., U.C.F., and 0 H.C.C. under the specialized areas of Law, Marketing and Sales. He is also a Private Investigator.

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